Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New CBV Organization

Hello everyone! Today was a somewhat winter-cleaning day. I bought a new shoe rack and a new little plastic drawer organizer, so it was an organizing frenzy in my room! 
I finally got a little set up for my candles and scent shots from Candles by Victoria. Before this, they were all sitting in a box from one of my orders, which definitely wasn't cutting it.
My collection isn't the biggest, but I have a feeling it's only growing from here on out. I just ordered 34 scent shots the other day, so I'm hoping they'll all fit!
This is a picture of my little set up:
It is set up on my dresser. The picture you see is of my lovely boyfriend, and the black object is my jewelry box. (What's burning is my mini in Wintery Candy Apple). To the very left of my plastic organizer are my two 8oz candles and my one 9oz candle. On the top I have a black candle warmer and my Mustard Jar in Granny's Pie Crust that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. In the first drawer I have bakery scents, in the second are fruity/perfume-y/fresh, and in the third I have my mini candles and my earthy/Christmas scents. (If you guys want a full collection picture and post I can make one!)

So that's my little CBV station! I hope you guys got some ideas. I'm afraid of what I'm going to have to do once my collection starts multiplying. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them! Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Latest Order!

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent. I literally havent been able to burn or melt anything at all for the past week...I've been way too busy Christmas shopping. And, speaking of Christmas shopping, I placed an order on CBV to get a couple gifts and some stuff for myself as well. I thought I would make a short little post sharing what I ordered. It should be here on Wednesday!
This is what I picked up:

Scent Shots, Vanilla Bean Noel : 1 : 2.00 (To mix with Spearmint & try Jack Frost!)
Mini Jelly Jar Candle, Sweet Snow : 1 : 5.00
Mini Jelly Jar Candle, Granny's Pie Crust : 1 : 5.00
16 oz. Country Jar Candle, Me Tarzan, You Jane : 1 : 12.50 (Gift)
Scent Shots, Sugared Corn Pudding : 1 : 2.00
Mini Jelly Jar Candle, Apple Vanilla : 1 : 5.00 (Gift)
Mini Jelly Jar Candle, Wintery Candy Apple : 1 : 5.00
Scent Shots, Spearmint : 1 : 2.00
Thoughts? I've already tried Granny's Pie Crust. It's my number one favorite scent! My boyfriend said he'll get me CBV for my birthday coming up in January, and I'm asking for a mustard jar in GPC, but I couldn't be without this scent so I had to pick up a mini jelly jar in it.
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys are having a good Sunday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

CBV Scent Review: Sugared Spruce

Hello! There's only 13 days until Christmas, so I decided to finally break out a somewhat Christmas-y scent; Sugared Spruce. First off, we always get a real Christmas tree, and my house smells like it all Christmas season because of I wasn't sure if I should get a scent that would smell like one, since my house already smells of pine. But...everyone was raving about this scent, so I decided to pick it up...and I'm really glad I did. My boyfriend and I decorated the tree & melted a 1/4 of this scent shot at the same time...and it was awesome. Haha. 
The CBV scent description is: Sugared Spruce: A most unique scent that combines sweetness and greenery. If you are looking for something a little different this is the one.
It's supposed to be a mixture of Pink Sugar and a Christmas tree scent I believe. 
This is definitely a good pine scent. Not pine sol, which is what it smelled like when I first got it, but now that it's cured it's fine. It has that perfume-y note to it that makes it a little less strong on the pine, but by no means is this scent "weak." It's a really, really strong scent. My boyfriend even said it's the strongest one we've melted...and it was only a 1/4...if that, really. Although it is strong, it doesn't really bother me since I like to really smell my candles & scent shots. 
Even though this smells like pine, I don't think it's specific to Christmas. I think it's a good scent for all year. It's fresh and green. 
Another scent I really enjoy...and I didn't think I would, either. I definitely think everyone should give this one a try.
I hope everyone is getting excited for Christmas! Have a good day :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/7/11 Scent of the Day: Cookies for Santa

Hi guys! I know, I know...lack of posting...but I seriously haven't burned or melted anything since my last scent of the day post! Busy busy busy, I am.
I was finally able to burn my Cookies for Santa 9oz candle today.

She's a beauty :) 

The CBV description for Cookies for Santa is: Cookies For Santa~ Sweet and delicious, if Santa doesn't want them I do!!

It doesn't say too much...but what it does say, is true! This scent is so yummy. It smells really good on cold throw; like a snickerdoodle. When you warm it or melt it, it smells even better. I get a really good sweet, sugar cookie scent with light cinnamon (and not a red hots cinnamon, either). This scent is really really good, especially for the holidays. A nice Christmas bakery scent. I think it's good for the whole year, too. I know I melt it all year long haha.

Overall, one of my favorite scents. And I know I'm not the only one :) This is a have to try scent and I suggest it to everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well...only 18 days until Christmas!


Friday, December 2, 2011

CBV Scent Review: French Vanilla Pear

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a little absent. My dad is finally home from working and as you guys know he's not a fan of candles, so I haven't been able to melt or burn anything, therefore not being able to do scent of the day's. 
I melted this scent for the first time a few days ago so I figured I would just do a scent review. 
CBV description of French Vanilla Pear: A sweet blend of Bartlett Pears and rich French Vanilla. 
I think the description fits this perfectly...on cold throw. I was in love with this scent when I first got it. Cold, it smells fresh and candy-like sweet with vanilla. Not too fresh, not too sugary.
However, when I warmed this, all i got was bubblegum! I didn't get pear or vanilla; just bubblegum. That being said, I don't love it as much as I did cold throw but I still really like it. It definitely takes on a different life when warmed though. 
I hope everyone is doing well. Even though I may not be able to burn or melt any new scents for a few days or maybe longer, I plan on doing reviews of scents I've already tried. 
Have a good weekend!