Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/7/11 Scent of the Day: Cookies for Santa

Hi guys! I know, I know...lack of posting...but I seriously haven't burned or melted anything since my last scent of the day post! Busy busy busy, I am.
I was finally able to burn my Cookies for Santa 9oz candle today.

She's a beauty :) 

The CBV description for Cookies for Santa is: Cookies For Santa~ Sweet and delicious, if Santa doesn't want them I do!!

It doesn't say too much...but what it does say, is true! This scent is so yummy. It smells really good on cold throw; like a snickerdoodle. When you warm it or melt it, it smells even better. I get a really good sweet, sugar cookie scent with light cinnamon (and not a red hots cinnamon, either). This scent is really really good, especially for the holidays. A nice Christmas bakery scent. I think it's good for the whole year, too. I know I melt it all year long haha.

Overall, one of my favorite scents. And I know I'm not the only one :) This is a have to try scent and I suggest it to everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well...only 18 days until Christmas!


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