Saturday, March 31, 2012

College Talk, Candle Sale Talk, & a Scent of the Day

Hey everyone! So, the countdown has begun. I graduate in 55 days. Say what? I know! I'm moving out to the city with my two best friends in July. While I'm super excited, I keep having second thoughts on just getting an apartment on my own. I don't want anything to ruin our friendship & I think it would be peaceful to be by myself...but it would be rather lonely, too. So for now, I'm sticking to my plan and hoping for the best. 
I took my placement test for the community college I plan on attending, and I did alright. Not as well as I thought I would, but I didn't do bad at all...just average. School has been insane lately, and I barely have enough time to relax anymore between going to school and work almost every day. 
I do still want to blog more often, especially since Jason (charmedleo - blog link) has inspired me to make my blog posts of better quality, so I'm trying. Slowly, but surely, I'm trying!
One huge thing that I can't wait for when I move out is to be able to burn candles and melt scent shots whenever I want! It's going to be so nice.

My dad is out working today, so I'm melting Nutty Candied Apple.
I never paid much attention to this was never anything spectacular, or something I NEEDED in a candle or needed to warm right away. It smells like a fresh macintosh apple with the nutty note that's in Caramelized Pralines. It's super strong, too - almost too strong. It smells kind of soapy to me as well, which I'm not a huge fan of. It's nice, but I don't think I will be getting it in a candle.

P.S. - is anyone ordering for Victoria's sale tomorrow? I know I said I was going to wait until May to order, since I can't burn anything on a regular basis anyways, but...I can't help it. I just need to place an order to make myself feel better. I need a little CBV pick up :) I've been plotting all day and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to get, so I'll most likely post what I got when I order tomorrow! I'd love to know what everyone else is planning on ordering as well. Have a good Saturday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etsy Store Review: Anatomolgy

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing an Etsy purchase that I received in the mail today. 
The product I bought was a Spine Key Chain from the shop Anatomolgy. I discovered this store while browsing the keyword "key chain" into the Etsy search bar. The Spine Key Chain immediately caught my eye, and I argued with myself for a few hours before making the purchase. 
Price: $9.50 
Price with shipping: $12.00
The main reason I argued with myself is for the fact that I was considering buying a key chain for that amount of money. No, it's not unreasonable at all, but I didn't think I really needed it....but I did. 
The main reason I purchased it was what the owner said in the description;
"This key chain is the perfect reminder to stand strong and maintain our backbone in the face of difficulty or it could be a great gift for the person who seems to be lacking one. "
As most of you guys know, I'm going through a bad break-up at the moment, and that little sentence just screamed to me. So, of course, I bought it. 
Date of purchase: March 17, 2012 
Date received: March 21, 2012
Shipping was super fast. It shipped on Monday, and it arrived here today, on Wednesday. The shop is located in California, and I'm in Arizona, so remember that where you live will differentiate when you'll receive it, but it was shipped the following business day from when I purchased it which was impressive. 
Something else that was impressive besides...everything? The packaging! I took a couple pictures because I couldn't resist wanting to show off the detail this shop puts into their work. 
What it was packaged in (besides the shipping package): 

 I love it! Their logo is pretty sweet too, if I say so myself. Now, onto the actual key chain...

 It's extremely detailed and very well can't do it justice. I know this won't be everyone's "style," but I personally really love it, and love that it will remind me to keep my backbone & stay strong. 
I give this store 5 stars, I'm thoroughly impressed. I do like the other pieces they offer, and eventually plan on making another purchase for a necklace. If you want to buy this key chain specifically, it should be in the key chain section of their shop.
Thank you so much for reading & I hope you enjoyed :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea for Two

I got my Love Voxbox by Influenster a couple days ago (you can see the products included here). I'm going to be doing some reviews on the products I was sent on my blog - this being the first!
My friend Mark had the chamomile tea & I had the cinnamon apple chamomile. & they were both DELICIOUS.  The brand is Stash, and this particular little box has 18 tea bags with 9 different flavors, retailing for only $3.50. My tea tasted & smelled like Christmas. Is that weird to say...? I guess I just associate Christmas with cinnamon and apple type of scents. It definitely relaxed me (these teas are caffeine free, which in my book is a good thing). Mark loved his tea as well. He said it was "mellow and delightful" lol. We both put one pack of Truvia sweetener which was enough for us since both of these flavors were pretty flavorful on their own. I'm excited to try the other flavors included and I'll definitely be hunting this brand down to purchase more!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life Update, I'm not sure how long this post is going to be depending on my motivation at the moment, but this is probably going to be a sloppy, rambly update on my life. 
Let's rewind time all the way to the very beginning of February when my boyfriend broke up with me. You guys know as much as I do as to why it happened exactly...I don't even know for sure why. Everything seemed fine to me, and it came out of nowhere. We were together for over a year. It's been heartbreaking, and I have to try and get through every single day like life is a freakin' marathon, but things are getting much better (which I'll get into in a bit). A lot of crazy things have happened in between this past month since we've broken up that haven't been that great, but to say the least, there is not a single chance we will be getting back together. His number is blocked from my phone, and we don't live in the same town so I never run into him which is nice. It really, really sucks because I love him with all of my little 17 year old heart, but I hope it's for the best. My mind just won't stop thinking about him & all of the great times in our relationship which is stupid, because I know I should hate him by now...but I don't. I reactivated my facebook after our break up to get some desperate social attention back in my life after not having one since September, and about two weeks ago some freshman from my ex's school made it a point to add me and message me telling me he has a girlfriend...and has had one for quite some time. Of course, this only made everything 100% worse for me since I'm still totally in love with the kid and he's out there with some other girl...whether it's his way of getting over me or if he generally doesn't love me (which from what he's told me, he doesn't even LIKE me anymore) but it really hurt my heart. A lot of negative things came from me contacting him asking him about it and I still don't know what to believe, but it doesn't matter anymore. All I can do is keep my head up and keep on keepin' on.
In the process of all that happening, I decided the best thing for me to do was keep myself busy and try to get my mind off of him. So, I got my first job. I didn't REALLY want one, but I knew I needed one. I had applied to a couple places here and there and never got any calls back, but I decided to try this one out. I got a job cleaning a coffee shop after hours about thirty minutes away from home. I've recently (as in today lol) been "promoted" to a barista in training! Since I'm on Spring Break this week, I'm getting trained. I made a couple drinks today and I really enjoy it. It's kinda scary, because I have extremely bad anxiety (I'm still surprised I even grew the courage to get a job) and I'm completely frightened of people, but I'm hoping this will challenge me and help me get over it. I'm actually really proud of myself for how I'm doing. I don't think anyone else notices how well I'm doing with all of this happening, but I'm coming to terms that the only person that really needs to be proud of myself is me :)
I graduate in exactly 75 days which is scary as balls too. I'm moving an hour and a half away from home and I know it's going to be really depressing to leave my dad and my home-town, but I'm so ready for change. I'm still not sure what I'm going to be majoring in but hopefully I'll figure that out someday! 
I also want to start blogging more. Whether it's about random stuff, candles, beauty products, my life...I want to do it more. I enjoy writing & reading, so why not? Don't hold me to it, but I'm really going to try. 
If you made it this far...give yourself a high five! I'm done :) Thank you so much for reading.
Here's a picture of my face.

Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5/12 Scent of the Day: Lemon Pound Cake

Please forgive me for my blogging...or lack thereof. As most of you know, I can't burn/melt anything while my dad is home so that's mainly the reason I haven't posted, but he's out of town for a few more days and I've been trying to burn my candles like crazy! Today I have on Lemon Pound Cake. This has definitely crept into my top 3 favorite scents...I absolutely adore it. I really like Victoria's Fruit Loops scent, and I think that scent has some of this one in it, but I just love this one so much more! I never expected to love a lemon scent as much as I love this one. It's citrusy and sweet. I can smell a frosting type of scent and it's so yummy. You have to try this scent out! It's so strong too. I could smell this strongly in my living room within 10 minutes of lighting my 8oz in it. 5 stars.

Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 Scent of the Day: Fresh Picked Strawberries

Today I decided to burn my Fresh Picked Strawberries candle for the first time. 
I ordered this scent in candle form before ever smelling it, and took an even bigger chance because Candles by Victoria doesn't have a scent description for it. Weird, huh? Not even on the CBV Browser! But, I chose to order it anyways, and I'm so glad I did. The reason I decided to get this one was because I LOVED the strawberry scent in Chocolate I thought this might be Chocolate Strawberries without the chocolate...and let me tell you, I hit the jackpot because it smells just like I wanted it to!
On cold throw, it smells like starburts. Very sweet and candy-like. Burning, it still smells sweet but a lot more of the fruit note of the strawberry comes out. Since I absolutely despise berries and especially strawberries, I can't tell you what they really smell like since I don't get around them much...but  what I can tell you is that this scent is AMAZING. It's super authentic and a great year-round scent in my opinion. Very nice basic fruity scent. I recommend this one for sure.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/12 Scent of the Day: Apples n Oaks

Well hello everyone! I've been sitting here drinking some peppermint hot chocolate and melting one of my new favorite scents from CBV: Apples n Oaks. I'm writing this on my iPad, as I'm sure I will be doing in the future, so I can't get the CBV scent description easily for you. So I hope my little description is good enough :)
I got this scent in the Round Robin I recently participated in, and I love it. It smells fresh from the apple, which seems to be a light green apple scent but light enough that it's not sour smelling. It's balanced out with a different note, which I'm guessing is a woodsy type of scent, since that's what I seem to get and plus the "oak" in the name. This scent is a really nice fresh scent to me. I love it and I think a lot of other people will too! This one needs a little extra praise.
It's almost Friday! I hope you guys have a great day and I hope to be posting more often now that I'm finally getting used to being back at school.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1/05/12 Scent of the Day: White Chocolate Karibu

Hi everyone! Today I melted a little bit of White Chocolate Karibu...for about 3 minutes...
The CBV description is: Mouth-watering blend of roasted cashews, mixed gently with rich, buttery honey, then drenched with white chocolate ganache! ~Godiva type scent~ 
Whew...let me tell you...I didn't like it :( I've come to the realization that I can't handle Victoria's honey scents. Anything with honey in it makes my nose feel like I have to sneeze! I hated Bathtime With Pooh, and I couldn't handle this one as well. I can't even explain smelled like straight salt to me with a little bit of honey. 
This review won't be a long one because I wasn't a fan unfortunately...I really wanted my nose to like this one, too! Boo :(
I hope everyone is having a good's almost the weekend! I have to go back to school on Monday...even bigger boo :(