Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etsy Store Review: Anatomolgy

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing an Etsy purchase that I received in the mail today. 
The product I bought was a Spine Key Chain from the shop Anatomolgy. I discovered this store while browsing the keyword "key chain" into the Etsy search bar. The Spine Key Chain immediately caught my eye, and I argued with myself for a few hours before making the purchase. 
Price: $9.50 
Price with shipping: $12.00
The main reason I argued with myself is for the fact that I was considering buying a key chain for that amount of money. No, it's not unreasonable at all, but I didn't think I really needed it....but I did. 
The main reason I purchased it was what the owner said in the description;
"This key chain is the perfect reminder to stand strong and maintain our backbone in the face of difficulty or it could be a great gift for the person who seems to be lacking one. "
As most of you guys know, I'm going through a bad break-up at the moment, and that little sentence just screamed to me. So, of course, I bought it. 
Date of purchase: March 17, 2012 
Date received: March 21, 2012
Shipping was super fast. It shipped on Monday, and it arrived here today, on Wednesday. The shop is located in California, and I'm in Arizona, so remember that where you live will differentiate when you'll receive it, but it was shipped the following business day from when I purchased it which was impressive. 
Something else that was impressive besides...everything? The packaging! I took a couple pictures because I couldn't resist wanting to show off the detail this shop puts into their work. 
What it was packaged in (besides the shipping package): 

 I love it! Their logo is pretty sweet too, if I say so myself. Now, onto the actual key chain...

 It's extremely detailed and very well can't do it justice. I know this won't be everyone's "style," but I personally really love it, and love that it will remind me to keep my backbone & stay strong. 
I give this store 5 stars, I'm thoroughly impressed. I do like the other pieces they offer, and eventually plan on making another purchase for a necklace. If you want to buy this key chain specifically, it should be in the key chain section of their shop.
Thank you so much for reading & I hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind review. I wish you peace in your time of healing, perhaps this time of trouble is paving the way to a new open door.