Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea for Two

I got my Love Voxbox by Influenster a couple days ago (you can see the products included here). I'm going to be doing some reviews on the products I was sent on my blog - this being the first!
My friend Mark had the chamomile tea & I had the cinnamon apple chamomile. & they were both DELICIOUS.  The brand is Stash, and this particular little box has 18 tea bags with 9 different flavors, retailing for only $3.50. My tea tasted & smelled like Christmas. Is that weird to say...? I guess I just associate Christmas with cinnamon and apple type of scents. It definitely relaxed me (these teas are caffeine free, which in my book is a good thing). Mark loved his tea as well. He said it was "mellow and delightful" lol. We both put one pack of Truvia sweetener which was enough for us since both of these flavors were pretty flavorful on their own. I'm excited to try the other flavors included and I'll definitely be hunting this brand down to purchase more!

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