Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15/11 Scent of the Day: Apple Cider

Let me start off this mini type of review by saying this scent is the most nostalgic scent I've ever smelled, which I love. The color of this is green, which I found odd, but now I love! It's different, and I like it. 
This is the most accurate hot apple cider scent I've smelled. It smells hot, not cold. I don't know how there's a difference, but my nose detects it. 
The reason this is so nostalgic is because every year, my family and I go to a Christmas light show that a huge apartment complex puts on. It's pretty cold when we go, so we always buy the apple cider they have for sell there to keep us warm. This scent reminds me of being with my family and Christmas time from going to that light show since I was very young. 
This one is candle worthy for me! I recommend it especially for the winter season, but all year round.

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