Saturday, November 12, 2011

Candles by Victoria November Order Review (Written)

Hello everyone! I got my November order in yesterday. I can't wait to let them all cure to do a I'm going to do one now :) I only think a couple need curing.
I'm going to be doing a video review within the next week and I'll post that when I get it uploaded.
And these are all on cold throw. I'm going to melt some of them before my video to get a better thought on them.
So let's get started! 

The first thing that I got was another electric tart/candle warmer in black. I already have one, but the top dish broke :(so I ordered a new one.

I got three candles of scents I've already had in scent shots but I'll review them a little again.

9oz Cookies for Santa: Love this! It smells exactly like a sugar cookie with cinnamon or a light cinnamon coated snickerdoodle. A really good scent especially for the holidays but I love it all year round!

8oz Spellbound: This smells SO much different than when I got it in scent shot form in my last order. The other one was like a candy apple; I smelled apple with a strong sugar note. This one smells exactly like a caramel apple. I don't get any of the sugary notes I got in the other one, just caramel and apple. I still really like it though.

8oz Caramelized Pralines: Yum!! This smells just like a caramelized praline. Sweet, nutty, and has a lot of caramel-y goodness. I love this one. It's my boyfriends (2nd) favorite one too.

Onto the scent shots....

Pumpkin Pralines: Victoria's pumpkin scents are so good! This is just pumpkin with that praline/caramel scent. Yummy and great for the fall. I wouldn't get this in a candle though, since I love my straight up caramelized pralines so much :)

Sexy in Stilettos: This is so strong. It gives me a headache :( I haven't even melted this one either. Smelling it on cold throw gives me a headache. It smells good - definitely a "romantic" kind of scent, but my nose just can't handle it so far.

Apple Cinnamon Butter: MMM! This to me smells like you're eating cinnamon/sugar toast with a glass of warm apple cider. Great for the fall and the holidays.

Autumn Leaves: I was really curious about this one. I was wondering how on Earth a candle can smell like leaves...and holy moly, this one does! It smells JUST like leaves in the fall. My boyfriend said he doesn't smell leaves in it, but he likes it. Perfect fall scent.

Cinnamon Donuts: Oh my goodness. I sniffed this and got immediately hungry. This smells SO GOOD. Just like a donut with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. Candle worthy for sure.

Apple Cider: This one is so nostalgic for me. Every year for Christmas, we go to a light show that this huge apartment complex puts on. Everyone that lives there decorates the whole complex exquisitely. (I'm going to do a video on youtube showing it because it's so cool). Since we go in December, it's pretty cold. They sell apple cider there and we always buy some to keep us warm, and this is what it reminds me of. Odd, because it's such a simple scent, but it brings a lot of memories to me. Onto the scent, though, it smells just like hot apple cider. Definitely getting this in a candle to remind me of Christmas and being with the family :)

Sugared Spruce: I was so excited for this one, but all I smell is pine sol. I'm going to let this cure, because it's so raved about smelling like a real Christmas tree. I'll let you know if it improves. I have high hopes it will.

Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread: I'm not a huge fan of this one. It's smells like a cold apple cider with something else in it that I don't like. I don't smell pumpkin or cinnamon, so I'm going to let it cure.

Chocolate Chip Cookie: Uck! It smells so bad cold. I've heard this doesn't smell anything like it's supposed to until it's warmed though, so I'm going to warm it and see how I like it. It just smells like burning plastic and bread to me...odd. I have high hopes for this too.

Pink Cupcake: YUM. YUM. and um...YUM. This is by far one my favorites! This brings memories to me too. My boyfriend and I make a funfetti cake at least once every two months, and that's exactly what this smells like. This is his favorite too. He loves it, and so do i! Comfort candle, here I come :)

French Vanilla Pear: I got this to see if it would smell like a pear/vanilla lotion my friend has, and while this doesn't smell like that, it smells really, really good. A nice non-offensive smell. It smells sweet and fresh at the same time. Love this one.

Granny's Pie Crust: FAVORITE! This is my number one favorite scent now, lol! It smells SO GOOD. The sad part is I can't describe it at all. I don't sniff pie crusts often so I can't relate it to that...all I can say is that this is the best smelling thing in the world. I'm so in love!

Sugar Cookies: I got this for my boyfriend because he loves sugar cookie scents. But, he can't tell the difference of this and Cookies for Santa...and well, neither can I really. It smells just like CFS but a little less on the cinnamon. Still really good though :)

Shamrock Kiss: This was my free scent shot. I was excited because it's pretty raved about and I can see why. It's fresh, but not laundry fresh (I don't like laundry scents). I smell a tiny hint of a fruity scent in it too. I like this a lot!

Whew! I'm going to try and melt some of the ones I'm skeptical about before I do my video review so it'll be more accurate. Thank you so much for reading! :)

And quick question:
What do you ladies (and gents) think about the 16oz country jars? I want to try one out but I hear they don't give a scent throw at all. Should I go for a tureen or mustard jar instead? The 16oz are so much cheaper for a bunch of wax but I've heard they don't throw...
Let me know what you think!
Thank you :)

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