Saturday, November 26, 2011

11/26/11 Scent Of The Day: Pumpkin Pralines

Hi everyone! I have another scent of the day review. Today I'm melting Pumpkin Pralines.
CBV Description: Pumpkin Pralines ~ Creamy rich pumpkin with a hit of spice mixed with our amazing Caramelized Pralines and a hint of caramel to round out this amazing fragrance. 
Perfect description once again :) 
When I first got this, all I smelled was the pumpkin scent. The same thing happened to me with Pumpkin Frappuccino; all I got was pumpkin. So, I'm thinking this may be a trend with her pumpkin just gotta let them cure a little :)
First off, Victoria's pumpkin scents are amazing. They're so authentic and nice. I absolutely love them.
Onto this specific's a new favorite. I love caramelized pralines, but sometimes it can be a little too strong. With this one, the caramelized pralines scent is perfectly balanced out with the pumpkin. It's good cold, but once it's warm it's perfection! I thought this would only be good for fall, but warm, I think this scent is perfect for all year. 
I strongly recommend this one. 
Hope you're all having a good weekend! 

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